We are a small, personalized firm that uses the best technology to serve your organization and its unique needs and goals.

Specializing in Attestation Services

You wouldn’t use a wrench to hammer a nail into a wall.  CBJ Inc. uses the right tools for each job we perform.  We don’t offer all accounting services, but what we do offer, we have the specific resources, expertise and experience to handle well.  Our auditors have years of experience and a wide breadth of knowledge.  During busy season, we won’t be occupied filing taxes.  We will be focused on your audits.

CBJ and its predecessor firm has provided attestation services in Colorado for over 40 years.  Today CBJ is known throughout the Front Range as the auditors companies trust to:

  • produce a quality audit,
  • audit with as little pain as possible,
  • use the latest, tested, reliable, helpful technology,
  • appreciate your organization’s unique characteristics and current challenges and needs
  • and understand its goals and dreams for the future.


We provide audits that are intended to provide donors, citizens, board of directors creditors, and other outside parties with a high level of comfort on the accuracy of your financial statements.


Reviews are intended to provide lenders and other outside parties with a basic level of assurance on the accuracy of your financial statements.


Compilations are used by lenders and other outside parties who may appreciate the organization’s association with a CPA.  Compilations do not provide a level of assurance on the accuracy of your financial statements.

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